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Am I nervous about travelling again?

Will we ever be able to travel with ease again? How quickly do you think it will be before things go back to normal?

Will we ever be able to travel with ease again? Absolutely! There’ll be a time when this will be a memory and people are back to their busy lives. When will this happen? That’s a tough one.

The latest predictions are that domestic travel in Europe could begin again as early as late July/early August. That’s how I imagine things will return – gradually. There’ll be a much greater emphasis on local, domestic travel until people (and the industry) regain their confidence.

The tourism industry is fragile, but the spirit of humanity is to bounce back and rebuild. My prediction is that in 2 years this will be just a memory.

That’s just my opinion. Will it make me nervous about travelling? No. Will I be hesitant to travel to distant lands for fear of catching something? Not at all (FYI I always get my vaccines and travel responsibly).

I’ll definitely be more aware of hygiene and washing my hands after passing through public spaces, but afraid? Life is too short.

But that’s just me.

How about you? What are your thoughts? 

  • When the travel restrictions are lifted would you be more likely to take shorter, domestic holidays to regain your confidence?
  • Has your bucket list changed?
  • When allowed, will you be rushing out to party and catch up with friends, or are you happy at home?
  • If you’ve been studying, do you have plans to put these new skills towards a new career path?

Reply and let me know what you’re thinking. I’m genuinely curious to know how this unusual time in our lives is affecting you.

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